ARCHbeing is a young architecture and design Studio which mainly works in new and renovation projects. In addition we produce graphic design commissions such as company logos and event advertising.


ARCHbeing is a young architecture and design Studio which mainly works in new and renovation projects. In addition we produce graphic design commissions such as company logos and event advertising.

“Architecture is a matter of dreams and fantasies.” - Niemeyer

From the first sketch to Project Execution and Project Management. We offer our clients a comprehensive project, from the feasibility study to the delivery of the construction permit. In addition, we look for the contractor that best suit the customer’s needs offering the best comparative value from our professional vision.

“I never work thinking of aesthetics but if the solution is not, then I know it is wrong.” - Buckminster Fuller

Interiors design and furniture for homes, stores and offices. We care at all times of the interior including its architecture, environmental psychology and every feature. We study the needs of the client, the characteristics of the space and the use to which it is intended to provide the right solution. We deal with space, lighting, materiality and furniture for an harmonious and aesthetic result that meets the user’s requirements.

“The best way to preserve a building is to find a use for it. - Viollet-le-duc

Repair and structural and constructive improvement for the conservation and reuse of existing spaces. We improve through basic planning and execution the current state of a property. We provide structural and constructive security, protection against water and humidity, improve current facilities, natural lighting, indoor ventilation, accessibility, interior spaces dimensions, and ultimately, the habitability of a house interior and common areas of a building.

“Architecture by definition is a chaotic adventure.” - Rem Koolhaas

Advice and management of licensing of activity, occupation and urban planning. We advise our clients and manage every necessary license to face a project. We request the construction permits at the departments of the respective municipalities once established the design of a new project. We manage the licensing of activity and/or opening for any local where a commercial activity or service will take place. These are those related to the field of hospitality, industrial, sports activities, leisure, health centres, beauty and education among others. We process licenses of first occupation, second occupancy licences or certificates of habitability.

“It is our duty as architects to contribute to the happiness of men.” - Toyo Ito

Preparation of expert reports, appraisals, measurements, survey plans and energy certification. We analyze through expert reports constructive shortcomings and pathologies of a building, both in private elements and commons, we dictaminate the causes, we describe possible solutions that can solve them and value the costs of repairs. We carry out appraisals of real estate for the buying and selling of homes, business premises, industrial buildings and all types of soils, in addition to expert appraisals required for the resolution of any legal act (separation of property, inheritances, donations...). We develop measurement and surveying (plant, elevations and sections) through digital tools and delineation. We prepare energy certification reports, to determine the energy efficiency of a home, and manage their processing.

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” - Albert Einstein

Corporate design for companies and posters and invitations to events. We create logos and corporate identities that represent the values of the company in a direct and clear way. We study and analyse the type of client and the user profile to define his own image. We designed posters without limits to imagination. In addition we have custom stationery for all kinds of events (weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays, etc.), from the invitations, minutes, save the date, reminders and decoration of the event.

Why choose ARCHbeing?

Ideas that suit you

Each project is unique and that is why we offer custom and creative solutions. Our projects are the result of a particular intervention in each place where we adapt to our customer's needs

Made with LOVE

We love what we do. We put all of our energy and enthusiasm in our projects and in every detail to create both functional and exciting designs.

Always innovating

We seek to reinvent ourselves every day, we are inspired through the experiences and knowledge, acquiring multiple ways of seeing things and new perspectives. Do not use the same approach but conceive each project from scratch. providing our originality and freshness in our proposals.
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